Nickel Catalyst

Catalytic process accelerates chemical reactions. HBI is the European agent of Evonik, a leading player of catalytic technology for the hydrogenation of oleochemicals and triglycerides.

Sodium Methoxide (Sodium Methylate)

Sodium methylate is referred to by many names including alcoholate, methoxide and sodium methoxide, and typically supplied either as a solid (crystal) or as a solution in methanol. It is a versatile chemical reagent used for many decades in various industries to produce high-value end products like pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, pigments and crop protecting agents. In last decade, the production of biodiesel has become a fast-growing application for sodium methylate.

SPECIFICATIONS of the products we offer

Nickel Catalyst

  • Nickel catalyst for fatty acid hydrogenation
  • Nickel catalyst for edible oil hydrogenation