In the oleochemical industry, natural fatty acids are fundamental chemical building blocks which result from the splitting of the triglyceride molecule from a glycerine molecule. It represents a world market of about 8-9 millions mt per annum including a wide spectrum of producers and applications. Fatty acid are used as intermediates to produce other chemicals. Applications are diverse from paints, resins, laudry, soaps, metal, leather working, rubber, drilling to ester, emulsifiers, food…

Vegetable based fatty acids derived from palm and palm kernel oil are predominantly produced in South East Asia, while tallow based fatty acids are originated from Americas and Europe.

SPECIFICATIONS of the products we offer

  • C0810 Caprylic/Capric Acid
  • C0899 Caprylic Acid
  • C1099 Capric Acid
  • C1299 Lauric Acid
  • C1499 Myristic Acid
  • C1680 / C1699 Palmitic Acid
  • Distilled Topped Fatty Acid (C1218PK)
  • Distilled Fatty Acid (C0818), PK & CNO based
  • Oleic Acid : 70% min , 75% min, vegetable and tallow grades
  • Stearic Acid (rubber, triple pressed, 95%)
  • Soap Noodles (8020 / 8515)