Traditionally associated with soap, most of the glycerine produced today comes from the biodiesel and oleochemical industries. HBI is an acknowledged specialist of the global crude and refined glycerine market. Glycerine has a tradition of volatile price movements. Moreover, the market is undergoing radical changes driven by very large arisings of glycerine from biodiesel production since 2004 coupled with large new applications using glycerine as a feedstock.

SPECIFICATIONS of the products we broker

Refined Glycerine

  • Pharmaceutical refined glycerine 99.5% min
  • Pharmaceutical refined glycerine 99.7% min
  • Pharmaceutical refined glycerine 86 % min, 86.5% min
  • Technical refined glycerine 99.5% min, colour apha 10 max

Crude Glycerine

  • 80% min crude glycerine with NaCl, non-GMO, Kosher and GMP +
  • 80% min crude glycerine, pure vegetable based for feed or refining application
  • 70-80 % crude glycerine, UCO or tallow based for technical application
  • Soaplye and splitters crude glycerine
  • Glycerine phase, substandard crude glycerine, glycerine residues and glycerine tank bottoms, yellow glycerine